Friday, October 6, 2017


We travelled to Charleston to see the new neurologist. Before I went I requested her medical records from her previous neurologist.

The new neurologist looked at her records and stated that there was no way that was all her records, that they were incomplete. They didn't have all of her sleep studies in there. He asked me when she had them done. Well, I don't remember! I pulled up my blog and put sleep in the search bar and up they came. How convenient.

Sleepy, her current status.

He wants all of her records before he decides how to proceed so I signed a bunch of forms so they could get them directly from the hospitals and off we went. He said he would call me in a week to discuss a plan of action. Thank goodness he is willing to do phone consultations!

We were able to have a nice lunch together.

Larissa slept on the way there and on the way home. It was a quiet drive.

I am working on patience. In the meantime she is on her same medication. I think it needs changed though, her dizziness is increasing.


  1. is the dizziness from her meds or seizures? curious since my daughter gets extreamly dizzy and shakey but the neurologist isnt sure if its seizure related or medicine related

    1. Larissa has had issues with dizziness only when dancing, turning in circles makes her dizzy making some dance difficult. I have attributed that dizziness to her seizures. However, this dizziness is new, dizzy without any specific reason. This leads me to think that this new dizziness is caused by her medication.