Saturday, February 9, 2013

Medical Insurance Nightmare

We are struggling to get our kids insured!  First Kassi, adopted in December.  Adoption is great, having the paperwork to prove it would be even greater!  We still don't have any paperwork showing that we adopted her.  Nothing.  She is no longer a foster child so is not served by DSS and yet we can't prove that she is ours to put her on our insurance.  She was born in another state and it adds another kink. 

We called our doctor and they said she wasn't on their medicaid.  Right when we completed the adoption medicaid changed all foster children into HMO's.  Our doctor doesn't take HMO medicaid so all the unadopted children have to move doctors.  We had hoped to get Kassi on Tricare so we wouldn't have to worry about it.  We had no idea that it would take this long since it didn't with Anthony and Larissa.

On Thursday my husband went up to DSS to ask about her medicaid to see which doctor she was transferred to.  They gave him a piece of paper to call medicaid himself.  He went home and called and they said that they couldn't talk to him, they had to talk to someone at DSS. 

Yesterday I went up to DSS after school and told them that I had to get this medicaid thing straight.  We were able to get a person from DSS to talk to medicaid.  Oh, she wasn't switched to a different doctor, she was totally taken off of medicaid.  She is not insured at all.  We can't get her on our insurance because we have no proof that we have adopted.  Medicaid said to fill out the form for Medicaid and bring it in.  They say that they will process it without the paperowrk.  Who wants to bet that when I take it back I will have another challenge?  Ugh, I bet that she isn't insured until March.

Then there are our two little ones.  Their SW gave us their new cards with a doctor name and a piece of paper that said that you have to call in to activate the card.  We called the number and they said that DSS has to do  it.  Naturally.  We have called the SW on numerous occasions and left voice mail messages.  No response which is actually unusual for her.  So, we can't get them to a doctor either.  Next week I will be calling the supervisor to get some action on this. 

There you have it.......our medical insurance nightmare. 

Later I will write about our interesting call from DSS..........


  1. Going through the medicaid thing here too. Dropped Jasmine's dental insurance to use her medicaid for braces. But they moved her to some sort of medicaid branch off that our ortho doesn't take. I've made all the calls, now to see.....

    Hope you get the adoption paperwork first as that would be easiest. All our kids are Tricare. They even accepted the twins' Haitian paperwork for that!

  2. Oooooh, what a mess! I hope you can get it resolved soon.

  3. are such a warrior also! You fight all these fights and you just keep on loving kids. I think of you everytime I fight another battle...if you can keep fighting it all, I can too.