Friday, November 5, 2010

What To Do With All Those Baby Food Jars

OK, I am weak. Those baby food jars were just too much of a temptation on my creative spirit. I have two major papers I need to write, no time for painting.
However, painting is what I enjoy when I feel stressed so I finally decided to allow myself to paint 4 of the jars. I have decided that I want to make them into Christmas ornaments.
So, I spray painted them... Added some real simple snowman faces....

Created a hat, they can't be naked after all.

Final product......what do you think? I personally think he is kind of cute.

Now I just need to figure a way to hang him from the tree. I think I will do Santa and I have some other ideas brewing. But, they will have to wait. I may just give some away here if anyone is interested.


Regarding our foster kids, keep them in your prayers. With the new watered down case plan the mom has I expect that they will go home the week before Christmas. Everyone involved knows that the initial issue why they came into care has not been resolved. It is a hard case.

I leave you with a picture from my yard this in bloom.


  1. Those are so cute. You are just too creative!! I am very craft challenge so coming up with ideas for my books is alway interesting : )

  2. they are so super cute! that is a great idea. How did you make their little hats?

    And I just adore that Angel statue in your garden.

  3. Kathy, I guess I need to make a book, What to do with all those baby food jars.

    Kimberly, I'll put directions up. I love that statue too, I really liked that flowers are blooming and there are seed pods on the other end. Two ends of the cycle.